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Our story

Why we made Author Clock

Like stories, time connects us. We all pass through the same minutes and hours every day. But what if those same minutes could also connect us to the lives of characters in other places; worlds both real and imagined, past and future? Author Clock was an idea we simply couldn’t shake, so we had to build it. A teleportation device powered by literature from every corner of the Earth. And fairly useful for telling the time too.

Meet the Team

Jose Cardona
Jose Cardona
Mechanical Engineer

Jose is an engineer with a background in aerospace, robotics, and nuclear engineering. He loves science fiction and detective novels.

Luke Gray
Luke Gray
Lead Designer

Luke is a product designer obsessed with reimagining ordinary objects. When he’s not thumbing through manufacturing protocols, he enjoys a good thriller.

Yasmin Sara Gruss
Yasmin Sara Gruss
Lead Editor

Yasmin is an editor in New York City and a former professor of literature at Brooklyn College. The book under her arm in this picture is probably a fantasy novel.


What Makes Us Tick


Stories are Bridges

Stories connect us across generations, cultures, and vast distances by tapping into our shared human experiences. They provide a bridge for us to understand each other and a pathway to a sense of belonging as individuals and communities.


Reading is Nourishment

Reading sustains and transforms us through the power of creativity, knowledge, and empathy. The more we read the more we understand about ourselves and the world around us.


Sustainability is Responsibility

Sustainability plays a critical role in protecting our planet as it faces increasingly urgent challenges. That’s why we’re committed to producing Author Clock using only sustainable materials, design, and distribution.

A big thank you to our founding customers
Author Clock began as a Kickstarter project in 2021. We were looking for $20k to get things off the ground and instead received $1.3m and an outpouring of support. It was an exciting moment that told us we were onto something. That there were loads of people out there that wanted this to exist as much as we did. Thank you for that early support. You made this possible.