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Welcome to the Author Clock Setup Help Page. In this page you'll find some videos covering the Author Clock setup process. We also have developed manual updaters for both Mac and PC, in case you ever want or need to update your device without the internet.

Author Clock Setup Guide

Follow along with this video as we go through the steps to set up an Author Clock.

If you tried the steps in the video above and still need help, please contact us at info@authorclock.com.

Quick Fixes

Many issues can be resolved by these quick methods:

  1. To update the time to match Daylight Savings Time, go to System Settings and perform a Factory Reset to get the new time.
  2. Charge your Author Clock, it takes about five hours for a full charge, press the crown to turn it back on.
  3. For problems with Quick Setup, retry the setup using a different device or a different browser, or in incognito mode.
  4. If the "Captive" setup page is not working, try going to "" instead of the captive website.
  5. If the Author Clock is charged and still failing to respond, try pressing the Reset button above the USB with a paperclip.
  6. If your device is still having issues, try using the Manual Updaters below to get the latest software updates, including several bug fixes and new features.

Manual Updates

In the event that your Author Clock is unable to automatically update or if you use your Author Clock in an area without WiFi, you can use the Manual Update programs below to get the latest updates for your Author Clock.

Download the Author Clock Updater - Version 1.6.2

Download Windows Installer

Download Mac Installer

Mac users may need to download and install the CP210x Driver from Silicon Labs if their Author Clock is not automatically detected.

Different Issue

Below are some frequently asked questions that may be helpful.

  • I set the clock to the wrong language, how can I change it back?
    • Press the brass crown on the side of your clock to access the main menu
      • The page will have one of these headers: "Ajustes", "Paramètres", or “Einstellungen”
    • Scroll down to the option labelled "Adjustes del sistema", "Paramètres du système", or "Systemeinstellungen" and press the crown
    • Scroll down to "Idioma", "Langue", or "Sprache" and press the crown
    • Scroll to "English" and press the crown

  • Can I change the brightness of the screen?
    • No, the Author Clock screen is meant to emulate real paper, and does not have any backlight.

  • The clock is unresponsive
    • Try charging the clock and using a paperclip or similar top press the small button above the USB in the back of the clock. If it still remains unresponsive, try using the manual updaters above.

  • I have a question about charging the clock
    • Can I leave it connected to the charger?
      • Yes, there's no need to unplug the device
    • Can I use any USB Charger?
      • Yes, any cable that can connect to the USB-C on the clock can be used to charge it. Laptops, wall outlets, and battery packs, can all be used to charge the Author Clock.
    • How long does it take to charge?
      • About 6 hours for a full charge
    • I don't think my clock is charging
      • There was a bug that would not get rid of the Charge symbol, even when fully charged. If you disconnect the cable it will recheck the battery state and update the icon. Updating toi the newest software fixes this issue.

  • What's the difference between Vol 1 and Vol 2?
    • The size of the screen. Vol 1 has a 4.3" screen, about the size of a phone, the Vol 2 has a 7.8" screen, about the size of a tablet.


If the information above does not help to resolve your issue, please use reach out to us via our Contact Form, or email us at info@authorclock.com. We will reach out to you directly to follow up to ensure you get the most out of your clock. If there is any issue we cannot fix for you, we will gladly replace your device at no cost.